Scenexe Io

[W][A][S][D] - Move.

[Mouse] - interact .

Scenexe io is in fact a mixture of several popular io games. The game is a fan-base remake of the original Diep game with a lot of new modes and new options.

Your mission is to join the server, choose your game mode and try to upgrade your tank to make it powerful. Try to dominate the map and get all upgrades for your battle tank.
House Of Hazards
Papas Pizzeria
Narrow One
Drift Boss
Just Fall LoL

Scenexe Io : Game Description

Scenexe Io

Scenexe io is a remake of the extremely popular online game In the original game there is a huge tree of upgrades, where you can turn your tank into whatever you want. In this game the developers made the number of upgrades so big that you will just spend hours to try all of them to find which one suits your gaming skills. The idea of the game is the same - you start with a very weak tank and have to destroy shapes to get upgrades. The higher your level is - the stronger you become.

How To Play Scenexe Io?

There two types of weapons which you can use for your tank - primary and secondary. You will choose both of them when you reach higher level. Some crucial upgrades like bullet speed, bullet reload and others are also important so try to upgrade all of them. Scenexe io is a very addictive and interesting multiplayer game which you can now enjoy at our website for free.

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